Rafael Ospino to speak at the annual “Cooling Water Conference”

May 6, 2011

Swedens “Feedwater Section” association has arranged a number of conferences to highlight various potential problems in cooling water systems.  The annual “Cooling Water Conference” will again revolve around problems associated with Legionella.  Rafael Ospino will participate with a presentation of automatic measuring and dispensing systems from Walchem. 

In recent years, legionella in cooling water systems have come into focus, and several cases of infected systems have been detected in plants, although chemical treatment has been performed in the usual manner.

Inadequate design of the cooling system and inadequate monitoring of water treatment has contributed to the problems.

The Feedwater Section has arranged a number of conferences to discuss the problem of Legionella in cooling water systems, with participating representatives from utilities, facilities, authorities and suppliers.

The conferences have been highly appreciated and attracted over 100 participants each time.

Rafael Ospino will talk about how to maintain proper water chemistry in open cooling systems such as cooling towers, to the lowest possible cost and environmental impact, through the use of automatic measuring and dispensing systems.

The Cooling Water Conference is organized by the Feedwater section, a nonprofit organization, founded in 1987 and bringing together companies with holdings in energy, consultants and suppliers as well as institutions and organizations active in the technology. Feedwater Technologies include, inter alia, water chemistry, materials and equipment, corrosion problems as well as chemicals and function.

The Feedwater Section has around 130 members.



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